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  We have independent import&export rights and located in the Science and Technology Industrial Park of Shanggao county, Jiangxi Province. With the 3 national highway----Wuji(from Heilongjiang Province to Guangdong Province), Changli and No. 320 highways passing around, we have good location and transportation convenience.

  We have strong R&D innovative strength and advanced production equipment, a professional team with rich experience in technology and production to constantly researching&developing PE Wax,PP Wax and Emulsion wax.Our products have a widely applications in areas of hot melt coatings,ink coatings,high temperature resistant masterbatch, hot melt adhesive, PVC products rubber, etc., and continue renew for market demands and other application. We have gradually transferred from solely Production Company to a combination company of produce and operate various chemical raw materials. We have passed ISO9001 and EU RoHS certification. Moreover, we have been committed to developing more new high-tech environmental protection products, further improve product quality, better meet customer demands.

  We will be adhering to the principle of"scientific and technological innovation, sincere service", sincerely welcome to visit us.


Contact: Jiangxi Fumei

Phone: 13576168319

Tel: 0795-7126687、7126686

Fax: 0795-7126686

Email: fumei@jxfmkj.net

Add: Science&technology industrial park of Shanggao county, Jiangxi Province, China.

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