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PE Wax for MasterBatch

Wax?specialized for?master batch

  • Shelf time:2020-09-28
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Wax specialized for master batch
The series products mainly used for master batch and color master batch production and processing.
Main characteristics:
1, Increase the dispersion level of paints; 
When processing the master batch, it melts with the resin first, then coats on the surface of the paints and penetrate into the pore of the paints group, weakens the cohesion, makes the paints group easily to be open under the effect of the applied shear force. The new generating particles can be rapidly wetting and protection.
2, Reduce the viscosity, and improve flowability ;
Due to the low viscosity, it has good compatibility with the paints. It can reduce the viscosity, and improve flowability during processing. Thereby improves the production efficiency, and increases capacity.
Main Models:
Models Appearance Softening point (℃) Viscosity (CPS) Average molecular weight
FM902B White flake 105-110 20-25 2000-3000
B108 White Powder and flake 100-105 20-25 2000-3000
S115 White Powder  110-115 10-20 2500-3500
Package and storage:
Packed in plastic bag, 25kg in weight. It should be stored in dry places and away from light. Reference feeding rate is 1%-2%.

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