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PE Wax for PVC

Wax?specialized?for PVC

  • Shelf time:2020-09-28
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Wax specialized for PVC
The series products mainly used for PVC pipes, profiles, panel, sheets and wire & cable products.
  1. Used as dispersant, lubricant and brightener in the PVC product forming process.
  2. Excellent anti adhesion and controlling fluid flow in the PVC product progress.
  3. No adverse effect on the physical properties of PVC products, compared with the fatty acid lubricant, no negative effect on the melt tension and VEKA softening point.
  4. Good compatibility: It has a very strong polar center and a long non-polar carbon chain. It will serve as internal lubricant in the parts which are compatible with the plastic in polarity, and will turn to be external lubricant & release agent in the parts which are not compatible.
  5. Melting time can be controlled. The compound wax can be used to control the melting in particular processing methods. Even if adding a large amount, it can also have a good compatibility with the other components.
  6. Low volatility. Due to the high softening point, it is not likely to be volatile. This feature is extremely important for calender and vacuum degassing process.
Main Models:
Models Appearance    Softening point (℃) Average molecular weight
FM-608 White Powder and flake 90-95 2000-3000
FM-700 White Powder and flake 95-100 2000-3000
FM-800A White Powder and flake 105-110 2000-3000
  1. Package and storage:
Packed in plastic bag, 25kg in weight. It should be stored in dry places and away from light. Reference feeding rate is 0.5%-1%.
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